All You Want for the Holidays is a New Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel

It makes sense that bathroom remodels are part of the “dream team” when flipping a home. However, you don’t need to be prepping to sell in order to enjoy a bathroom remodel or upgrade. Bathrooms are sanctuaries where long showers happen, where you can linger in a bubble bath—and where you can escape the hectic holiday pace outside. Whether you’re hosting this holiday season or not, you deserve a spa at home where decompression comes first.

It’s not too late to upgrade your bathroom just in time for the holidays. Imagine sipping on your favorite holiday tea while luxuriating in a hot bath. Think about those dual sinks where you and your other half can prep for your New Year’s party without battling over the faucet. A new bathroom for the holidays? Even the Grinch couldn’t scoff at that.

Easy Upgrades

Remodeling or upgrading your bathroom can be as time-intensive (or not) as you like. It could be something as simple as installing a new fixture, or you might want to knock down a wall to turn your bathroom into a full-fledged retreat. No matter what you have dreamt up along with sugarplums, getting started today can help you ring in 2015 in style. Of course, you may not want to leave for the holiday parties once you realize your Zen at home.

Some of the most common upgrades include new countertops for the vanity, new cupboards with customized storage and of course a new shower, tub or enclosure. You may also want to upgrade the walls or install new lighting fixtures that mimic natural light. You can upgrade your bathroom slowly, allowing for your budget to stay fit, or you can do it all at once for the ultimate holiday gift to yourself.

The Importance of Home Value

If you do want to upgrade your home in order to increase its value for a sale, starting with the bathroom is a great idea. High traffic areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room can make or break a sale. Bathrooms are no longer “just” utilitarian. They’re retreats, and buyers are looking for more space, more luxury and more customization than ever before.

Get started before Santa arrives and you might be able to secure a brand new bathroom in time to make use of those reindeer hand towels. It’s the gift that keeps on giving—and will for many more holidays to come.

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